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Golden rain issue

Golden rain (urofiliya) - a type of sex games in which one partner enjoys the kind of smell or taste another urine. But not all people are adherents of such an extreme kind of sex. Many of them consider urinating on a partner or yourself extremely obscene and unpleasant sight. It is for this reason that many men ask for help in this matter to professional prostitutes of our escort agency that knows how to deliver maximum enjoyment and are able to provide customers with quality and deep orgasm with the help of used techniques.

Features the art of golden rain

The desire to urinate during sexual pleasures occurs often enough. This is due to the physiology - strong excitation is accompanied by pressure on the bladder. The structure of the urogenital system of men and women have major differences. Men undesirable ingress of sperm in urine because it can lead to undesirable consequences of fetal development. Yes, and physical capabilities of the stronger sex are very limited - in the event of an erection urinary channels automatically overlap. The rapid orgasm in women is accompanied by a powerful contraction of muscles of the vagina, followed by relaxation. This process also includes the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, the best way to contribute to the product of urine.

Most of the men prefer the golden rain with a prostitute from the city, attracted by the natural smells of urethral discharge, so the service is the golden rain is in great demand among our customers. The most frequently demanded such kinds of golden rain with a prostitute in Lviv:

  • Observation of a prostitute during urination;
  • Passive product of urination;
  • Receiving urine on his own body, mouth, face, anus and genitals;
  • Urinating in the role-playing and BDSM games.
  • To get a high-quality and long-lasting effect on urination during sex, our girls adhere to certain rules.
  • Discuss some of the moments of sex with the client in advance. Unnecessary roughness and lack of consistency can not cause you positive emotions, which will affect the understanding and mutual feelings.
  • Smooth oral sex and urination prior to the hands and other parts of the body of the client.
  • Ingestion of large amounts of fluid and even the beer which improves palatability urine.

Sexual life with the use of new practices in the form of golden rain with a prostitute, will be brighter and richer. Take advantage of the elite service of our company and know new aspects of sex combined with unforgettable impressions.