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Copro issue

Lovers of unusual adventure will appreciate the extreme service offered by our agency. Often, our customers partners do not accept such an extravagant view of sex and consider it unacceptable in a relationship. Therefore, men are turning to help prostitutes to satisfy his unusual desires. Some are eager to get bright and fresh feeling when classic sex has become a chore and does not cause the old emotions. Copro issue - one of the rarest forms of sexual behavior, during which sexual arousal and satisfaction is due to the manipulation of feces partner. Our liberated women, dedicated to their work, provide such services to countries and are ready to carry out reception scat issue, combining it with other non-traditional practices.

Technique copra extradition

Coprophilia is a form of fetishism and masochism, and combines both forms of sexual behavior. The original peak of sexual madness, scat issue stimulates sexual arousal and satisfaction while defecating on a partner.

Desire to void - a natural process, which is often hidden from prying eyes. Sexual arousal on the type of scat in men depends on several factors (visual perception, smell, taste of feces).

Among men who have scat issue with a prostitute from Kiev, the most frequent types of such scat:

  • monitoring the process of defecation prostitutes (voyeurism);
  • receiving feces on his own body (face, stomach, hands, mouth);
  • eating excrement;
  • scat issue in the role-playing and BDSM games.

Only the brave and daring prostitutes from Kiev can go far for delivering the highest level of pleasure a man. Scat and golden rain - the most common technology for the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Just before the session you will need to agree on all the details of the evening, to make a preliminary scenario, to discuss areas of common prostitute and enforceable border, depending on personal preference. To help customers achieve the maximum peaks of pleasure, our girls observe all the rules of hygiene and are constantly being improved in this case. The sense of physical helplessness and excitement at the same time during the scat of issue can cause a magical orgasm and open in your new capacity, expanding the sensations of the border.