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Golden rain reception

Extreme sex have always found their fans. The service is the "golden rain" is in great demand among customers in Kharkiv our girls. It should be noted that only experienced and truly loving sex prostitutes know that excitement and satisfaction with this kind of sex is very important. In family life is so unusual practice is not always acceptable for the second half, although there is nothing wrong with the procedure itself. Such everyday humanity act in sex takes on new forms and meanings, forcing a partner to feel the incredible excitement and a new storm of emotions.

Technique urofilii

Urofiliya, or "golden rain" - a sexual practice, in which sexual satisfaction is achieved by the desire to make urinating on yourself or a partner. Fans of the golden rain are widespread among both men and women. For some of them are the same sex and urination. Men who prefer such an extreme pleasure - the golden rain with a prostitute from Kharkiv, like contemplating the genitals, face and other parts of the girl's body during urination. However, they may feel an incredible excitement thanks to dominate the prostitute. Girls in the catalog, like the taste and smell of urine. Members-men using this technique will be able to discover the boundaries of their own sensuality and orgasm.

There are several options urofilii, for example:

  • active or passive urinating on a partner;
  • surveillance of a partner during urination (voyeurism);
  • urinating on themselves;
  • the product of an act of urinating in the mouth, vagina, anus prostitutes;
  • urination partner in his mouth;
  • demonstration urinating on people mind (exhibitionism);
  • urination after a long period of abstinence.

Issuance of golden rain may occur directly during sexual intercourse, after, as the final stage in the form of additional services in the classic sex, within the BDSM games.

Urofilii The secret is that the pleasure produced by the act of urination, commensurate with a strong orgasm during sex. That is why many men prefer to combine sex with a prostitute and to hold urine. The feeling of incredible lightness and rapid orgasm unforgettable experience will allow to realize the most hidden desires. Our girls will cope with this task with great pleasure. Before ordering such services should carefully discuss all conditions and not to delay the start.