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A complex and less common term "trampling" means a type of sexual practice, the essence of which is that the partner (one or more) stand or walk on the bare body of the other partner. Admitted as jumps and dance moves. Erotic treading allowed in shoes and barefoot.

Trampling as part of role-playing games

Trampling is a form of BDSM and successfully used in the creation of role-playing games. In this game, allowed only two roles - the dominant and subordinate. Woman appears as the dominant (Mistress), and a man playing the role of a slave.

The organization trampling services with a prostitute from Odessa enjoy getting both partners. This not only stimulates the erogenous zones, but also made a nice psychological effect.

Sexual marking can be done in two ways:

  • Hard circulation throughout the body. Female dominance in the role of Lady trampled by the partner in the shoes on a thin stud (boots or shoes). In this case the second is in pain and the extraordinary excitement of feeling humiliated. So timid adherence to orders and actions contribute to the realization of the Lady of helplessness and a sense of total submission, which can cause severe agitation, bordering with suffering. Hooker will mark time for a client person to step on his genitals and try to cause him as much pain.
  • Soft marking. Dominating woman gently trampled on the body male bare feet. The customer does not experience pleasure from pain, but from the pleasant touch. This species belongs to the satisfaction of fetish and is aimed at fans of women's feet.

Slave for safety is placed on a flat, hard surface (floor, couch). Lady in the process of marking time should be supported in order to maintain balance in order to avoid the possibility of bodily injury lower.

It should be remembered that the trampling quite dangerous. Failure to comply with basic rules and knowledge of human anatomy, can cause serious injury to a subordinate. That is why for this service should contact our agency! Whores from the catalog perfectly know the correct technique of trampling and perform it with great sensitivity and care. Sexual movement is not deprived of aesthetics and allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view from the bottom.