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Sex toys

Sex toys are designed to expand the scope of sexual perception of the world and to obtain an increased dose of fun. They make sex brighter, improve orgasm, bringing his offensive output your sensory boundaries to new levels, and desire to discover new states for you. With the toys you may well know your body, learn to deal with the female body, improve mood and physical condition.

Types of sex toys

  • Using toys implies their separation into two types - male and female. All of them are aimed at improving the quality of sexual life in every way and are able to diversify it.
  • Faloimitatory made of different materials in a form of realistic penis is erect and can be operated as a pair, and alone. Their sizes are able to satisfy any girl, and sometimes a man, for vaginal and anal stimulation. It is necessary to find a suitable phallus you.
  • Vibrators are used for different forms of stimulation of the clitoris and the G point - they follow the contours of a member or have bizarre shapes. But such a strange species differences are not deprived of their common purpose - to stimulate the vagina, clitoris and anus by vibration. Built-in motor allows you to adjust the speed and vigor of movement.
  • Strap is often used prostitutes toy Lviv, often involves the use of lesbian games and in the context of BDSM for the domination of women over men. Strap attached to shorts or special belts.
  • Cock Rings and pump to increase the male penis and prolong the pleasure.
  • Anal toys are designed for men and women. Anal beads are used to stimulate the anus to anal sex or classical. Anal toys in the form of traffic jams can adorn the rear opening, prostate stimulators gently and effectively massage the prostate.
  • Artificial vagina made of soft materials virtually replaced the female vagina and used for sex with a partner or solo play. Their real look and additional functions as vibration will allow to forget about loneliness and strengthen their feelings.
  • Rubber dolls created to translate into reality the most explicit desires. You can choose the most attractive option for you, whether it is a copy of a porn star or a mysterious dark-skinned beauty.