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Sexual experimentation contribute to the diversity of sexual life, filling it with new emotions and sensations. One of the most common fantasies of men is a game of slave and master. Such role-playing scenarios to help get rid of complexes, to try myself in a new role, and get high quality sex.

The dominance of men

At all times, men have sought to subordinate women and make them obedient. They used slaves in their harems for its intended purpose - submissive, silent girl could not resist the will of the owner, so humbly follow all instructions and wishes of his master.

Mr. - is the eternal male collective image, which means courage, strength of character, perseverance and excellence. Being a master means to dominate - to give orders, to punish, to stir, to subdue the girl of his power, in every way to excite and to prevail. This does not mean that she will feel the pain. But her excitement depends on the strength of your hands, voices, feelings of helplessness, subjugation, fear, worship and deification of his masculine ideal. Such an unusual sensual cocktail able to give a girl and a man, the range of new sensations and experiences.

Obedient and exemplary slave prostitute in the city of Lviv will help you come up with and implement their own scenario of sex play "master and slave". The girls from our agency customers feel very sensitive, so capable at a glance how tactile sexual innuendos men, thus satisfying his masculine essence of fresh feelings. Waiting for "an hour of punishment" immensely turned on by a woman who at this moment it is exacerbated by the perception process and is complemented by a sense of helplessness and complete submission.

Immediately before the process Be demanding and order a prostitute prepare thoroughly - Clean-shaven crotch, wear sexy clothes, shoes, and other attributes to add an explosive sex (wig covers on the nipples and others.). Make a spectacular performance in the form of striptease. Make her the most excite you, using all available methods and applying their professional skills. Failures are not accepted, so the slut obediently fulfill all your instructions and will be ready for any action. Warn her that for every cry or moan you will severely punish the wretch. Use a variety of sexy toys to diversify sex (faloimitator, anal plugs, nipple clamps).